Loutallica and Darren Aronofsky Give Us a Dreary 'View'

If you were eager for another opportunity to revisit the Lou Reed / Metallica debacle collaboration Lulu – and you know you were, if for no other reason than to check if it could really be as bad as it seemed at first listen – then that opportunity is here. After teasing us with a report that he’d direct a video for the track “Iced Honey,” Academy Award-nominated director Darren Aronofsky released a music video for “The View.” Maybe he picked it because, like us, he hoped it was about Whoopi Goldberg and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and not, you know, an early-20th century murderess who is repressed by the men surrounding her.

The video is not particularly Aronofsky-ish, as it features no footage of Reed traveling through time to become a Spanish conquistador, James Hetfield jumping off of a turnbuckle to certain death, or Lars Ulrich sprouting wings. Mostly, it’s just grainy black-and-white rehearsal footage, with a disorienting multi-exposure thing going on some of the time. At least it proves that Reed and Metallica were in the same room at some point in the Lulu process, which was not particularly clear strictly upon listening to the album. Oh, Lulu, even a critically-adored filmmaker can not redeem you.

Lulu is out now via Warner Bros.

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