Lana Del Rey Releases 'Born to Die' Via Topless Video

Internet sensation Lana Del Rey's new single "Born to Die" dropped today with all the noise one's come to expect with anything involving Del Rey (heated arguments as to why this is the most amazing/worst thing to ever come out by anyone). Sure, it's a strange marketing strategy: a teaser video that plays the full song, with Del Rey staring at the camera sans shirt and against the backdrop of an American flag. But what Hive's most curious about is her male counterpart. Who is this tattooed guy who likes to caress and hold her? Why is his finger moving like that? And most importantly, how many millimeters are his ear gauges? Is he planning on expanding the diameter? Does that hurt? We reached out to one of Del Rey's reps earlier today, who said the gentleman's identity wasn't known to them either. Mysteries! Until then, take comfort in the fact that this guy chose her over playing video games.

Lana Del Rey's debut album Born To Die is out January 31 via Interscope.

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