Hive Five: Naughty by Nature's Perfect Holiday Party Tips

On the first single from their upcoming album Anthem, Inc., New Jersey hip-hop group Naughty by Nature inform us that 20 years later, they're still "bringing the perfect party." And with the single's video, which shows the group drinking poolside in Vegas between shots of fans (and girls) all over the world, who are we to argue? But "Perfect Party" got Hive thinking: during this holiday party season, Naughty by Nature must have some tips for throwing the perfect holiday party, too. And here they are, as told to us by Naughty by Nature's Vin Rock.

The group's 20th anniversary album, Anthem Inc., arrives December 13th.

1. Make your drinks heavily lactose tolerant

You definitely have to serve some egg-nog-based drinks. I've drank my share of egg-nog -- you want to mix it up and add a few extra ingredients to get the right blend. Personally, I'd say you also want a white Russian on the menu -- make it heavy on the vodka but make sure it's creamy and holiday-ish too.

2. Pack Your Playlist With Christmas Classics

For the music, I'd probably play like Kurtis Blow's "Christmas Rappin'." Growing up I'd always try to have a Christmas rap soundtrack. Naughty By Nature has a song called "Holiday" -- that should be on there. But I'd always start a party by dropping [our song] "Uptown Anthem" -- that gets any party going. There's also holiday songs that you usually can't stand and you get tired of them, but when it's the holiday season you'll end up singing them songs, like "Winter Wonderland."

3. Encourage the Wearing of Christmas Sweaters

You want people to dress up, kinda like a Christmas and Halloween theme: you can be Santa, you can be an angel, you can be a reindeer -- you can be anything! I'm not sure what Treach and Kay Gee would dress up as, but I'd probably be Rudolph so I can lead the sleigh! I also have my share of Christmas sweaters -- I even wore one on the cover of our first album. (eds. note: recorded as The New Style, see below.)

4. Serve Up a Seasonal Spread

You got to have a good turkey, kinda like for any party after Thanksgiving. That's a given. But you're gonna have different deserts too 'cause it's coming up to Christmas. Drinks can be great deserts, like hot chocolate. And of course tiramisu -- I love that!

5. Don't Tolerate the Rambling Drunk Person

How many people you invite depends on how big the house is. As long as you can move around and it's not crazy, it's good -- you just can't have it all crammed up. Small and intimate can be good though. I mean Treach and I know how to party, but Kay Gee is quiet -- he doesn't drink, he gets a kick out of just observing people. But with any party you have to watch out for an extremely drunk person just in your ear, irritating you and nagging you about a bunch of nothing. With those people you've just got to say enough and have them removed!