Freddie Gibbs and Eminem Join Jeezy for 'Talk 2 Me'

[caption id="attachment_20212" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Young Jeezy performs in Atlanta, October 2011. Photo: Chris McKay/Getty Images"][/caption]

Young Jeezy's Thug Motivation 103 may have been pushed way back (almost two years) from its original release date, but the latest song to leak from the project suggests it's going to be an epic rap moment. Titled "Talk 2 Me," it features the Snowman and his young protege Freddie Gibbs airing out paranoid thoughts about the dope business and suspecting friends who "just might snitch under pressure -- so motherfuck 'em." Drumma Boy's on the beat -- which is all moody and cinematic -- while Eminem pops up on the hook crooning about how foes should "… keep my name out your motherfucking mouth." Dramatic is the word.

According to Jeezy's own handwritten tracklisting, "Talk 2 Me" will be the opening track on TM103. "Trump," which leaked back in September and features Birdman, comes in at the fourth spot -- its theatrical wailing synths and sinister energy make it a tight fit with the vibe of "Talk 2 Me." (The track also contains the fantastic boast about using "Louis V toilet paper.") Add "I Do" to the mix, which snags guest raps from Jay-Z and Andre 3000 and has the trio paying tribute to ladies "I might marry" over a joyful, soulful production, and TM103 is positioning itself as an A-list affair. The summer anthem-styled "Shake Life," however, seems to have now been struck off the album, which drops on the far-frostier date of December 20.