Weird Vibes Episode 4: M83 in Outer Space

Weird Vibes episode 4 is truly blessed to have M83's amazing Anthony Gonzalez host the show. This charming Frenchman comes to us from outer space inside a billiard hall. Anthony opens up about learning to overcome his shyness and wishing he was more mysterious, and discusses his favorite pastimes, such as playing with monkeys and non-pharmaceutical substances. He also talks with some special fans along the way.

Music videos in this episode include Real Estate's "It's Real," Casiokids' "Det Haster," WU LYF's "We Bros," Glass Candy's "Warm in the Winter," SLEEP ∞ OVER's "Casual Diamond," M83's "Midnight City" and a live version of Caveman's "Great Life," beautifully captured by Yours Truly. There's also a short clip of Pat Jordache performing at the Weird Vibes CMJ Showcase, plus a "street report" and some other odds and ends. Enjoy!

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