Mike Skinner Puts the Streets to Bed, Focuses on Mike Skinner

[caption id="attachment_19963" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Mike Skinner performs as the Streets in London, October 2011. Photo: Caitlin Mogridge/Redferns"][/caption]

Mike Skinner has left the Streets behind. Thanks to his dull brummie accent and lad-about-town persona, Skinner coined a template for mainstream-friendly UK hip-hop with the Streets' 2001's single "Has It Come To This." With nods to the domestic garage and rave scenes, the Streets album that followed, Original Pirate Material, captured an era of UK pop culture that had been lacking in a lot of mainstream Brit-pop. This past weekend, Skinner retired the Streets, as the group performed its last show and possibly as a goodbye gift, Skinner has dropped a Fact mix, which is heavy on the sort of garage and house songs that soundtracked the late-night shenanigans that inspired his early rapped musings. Skinner has said his next move involves leaving the music world behind to write and star in a movie, but as something of a modern godfather of the UK urban music scene it might be hard for him to resist scoring the soundtrack himself. We've deduced this because he's currently at work with the Music's Rob Harvey for a project they call the D.O.T., where he takes on the producer role instead of slacker-rapper. [Stream Mike Skinner's Fact Mix here.]


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