Freddie Gibbs Joins the Cults Cult

Today at Hypetrak, Cults dropped an unexpected reworking of “Bad Things," gifted with two verses from hip-hop mixtape titan/First Take featured artist Freddie “Gangsta” Gibbs. The track could be a tantalizing preview of a full-fledged Cults hip-hop project, one they alluded to over the summer, raising indie-eyebrows across Internetland. But skeptics, bite your tongues: hip-hop plus Cults' indie-pop is a thing.

Surprisingly, the song feels like a natural fit. Gibbs is solid but not spectacular, smoothly injecting syllables between a set of reverberating drums and inhaling quips of air after his lengthy stanzas. Lyrically, he easily squares himself with the despondent theme of the song. Over the haunting, organ-like synth, Gibbs spits, “Candy Corona, I’m zoning under the Vegas lights/Can’t be your man I just wanna hit it and take a hike.” It’s living for the emotional high without the attachment, a hard balance to strike but one both sets of artists seem to have mastered.

Hypetrak Premiere: Cults featuring Freddie Gibbs - Bad Things (Remix) by Hypetrak