Factory Floor Demonstrate How to Dance to Factory Floor

Next week U.K. drone-dance group Factory Floor will release the nine-minute epic "Two Different Ways," their first single on DFA Records. They're gaining quite a reputation in Britain and beyond as a "must-see" live band, especially if continuous grooves and futuristic, laser-like sounds appeal to you. That said, the accompanying video for "Two Different Ways" serves as an introduction to the band's tightly controlled sound -- but more importantly, it's an intro to how one should properly dance to a Factory Floor song. Set against a shifting kaleidoscope of colored patterns, you can see the critical element involves a lack of pronounced arm flail. Instead, nuanced containment, where a delicate balance between the head bop, the body groove and the hand gestures work to create this seamless experience. Because silly just isn't a good look with this disco-chic sound.