Hive Five: A Recent History of Danzig Embarassment

As much as it may pain your 14-year-old self to admit it, Danzig, the awesome dude who was in the Misfits and wrote “Am I Demon,” is now Danzig, the self-obsessed diva who's become increasingly hard to defend over the years. This was capped this weekend at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, where the Danzig Legacy set -- which promised songs from the Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig years of the man’s career -- was cut short by the his refusal to start on time because of “deathbugs” and a lack of French onion soup. In the end, he didn’t play “Mother,” “Bullets,” or “Last Caress,” but he did end up the laughingstock of the festival.

Sad as it is to say, this diva-like moment (the festival’s organizers called him “Glenn Stefani” on Facebook) may not even crack the top five, when it comes to embarrassing Danzig moments.

1. The knockout punch backstage

Danzig’s reputation is for being a big, tough guy with absolutely enormous pecs. That didn’t stop Danny Marianinho from the Arizona hardcore band North Side Kings from knocking Danzig out with one punch, after Danzig shoved him. “I allowed it to happen,” Danzig told Metal Hammer this year. Sure you did, Glenn.

2. Henry And Glenn Forever

Last year’s graphic novel Henry And Glenn Forever, about an imaginary love affair between Danzig and fellow muscle-bound punk rock legend Henry Rollins, got a lot of attention. When Danzig was asked about it by Decibel magazine, he flipped out, refused to see it, and ended up having the transcript worked into a hilarious post-script by the cartoonists.

3. Canceling on a Minneapolis club for unknown reasons at the very last minute

Fans who read Fun Fun Fun Fest promoter Graham Williams’ explanation of what happened this weekend will find this bit familiar: Danzig walked into the venue, declared, “I can’t play here,” and canceled the show, leaving the promoter holding the bag. While he did eventually play some songs at Fun Fun Fun Fest, the bookers at Minneapolis’ Cabooze weren’t so lucky last November. Like at Fun Fun Fun Fest, Danzig pointed fingers at the venue immediately, because nothing is ever Danzig’s fault.

4. Danzig is not amused that you photographed him buying kitty litter

There’s nothing wrong with having cats, and even Danzig’s cats have to crap somewhere, right? Still, people got a chuckle over a photograph that circulated last year of Danzig leaving the store with some Fresh Step for Beelzebub, Himmler and Hank, or whatever we imagine Danzig has named his pets. When asked about it by Buzzgrinder, though, Danzig himself was not amused, insisting that he was being “follow[ed] with cameras,” as opposed to someone heading to Rite Aid being all, “Whoa, that’s Danzig!” and pulling out his iPhone. Highlight: Danzig goes shopping for kitty litter while wearing a Danzig t-shirt!

5. Selling Danzig t-shirts with a confederate flag logo

Danzig was born in New Jersey and currently lives in Los Angeles. That doesn’t stop the guy from identifying with the South, though -- at least when it comes to the Civil War. At Fun Fun Fun Fest, his merch booth included a t-shirt with the Danzig skull logo emblazoned over a confederate flag. For a guy whose catalog includes dubious, easy-to-interpret-as-white-power-anthems like “Lords of the Left Hand” and “White Devil Rise,” it’s not a great look.