Henry Rollins Officiates a Fun Fest Punk Rock Wedding

[caption id="attachment_18403" align="alignleft" width="640" caption="Page and Stephen, married couple. Photo: Dan Solomon for MTV Hive"][/caption]

Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest promised a lot of weird, non-music events in its lineup, but none were weirder than “Stephen and Page’s Fun Wedding,” which was exactly like it sounded: The wedding of a punk rock couple who looked to be in their mid-twenties, tatted-up and wearing their Chuck Taylors, in front of an enormous tent’s worth of strangers -- and with a surprise guest officiant who turned out to be (obviously!) Henry Rollins.

Preparing to watching Henry Rollins officiate a wedding isn’t the punkest of experiences, and its been years since old Hank really deserved his reputation as a cranky-intense outsider; no surprise, the version of Rollins that turned up to send Page King and Stephen Hart into the land of wedded bliss was very sincere and respectful of the occasion. When he emerged, standing alongside nervous groom Stephen, he deferred all applause, directing it instead to Stephen. When it came time to read the ceremony (off of his iPad, natch), Rollins only occasionally deviated from the script, and only to offer more specific blessings -- as well as some thoughtful parenting advice, because what potential mother and father couldn’t use some advice from the guy who sang “My War” and “Gun In Mouth Blues”?

The festival setting meant that the tent in which the ceremony was performed wasn’t soundproof, but even that ended up working in the wedding’s favor. The sound bleeding through from the nearest music stage came from Mates Of State, the husband-and-wife indie rock duo who (unlike Kim and Thurston or Ben and Zooey) still offer hope that true indie love is possible. Rollins, who’s known for marathon spoken-word sets, kept his words to around 15 minutes, which made way for Sergio Flores, the Sexy Sax Man himself, to serenade the couple as they ventured off for their first few minutes as husband and wife. They hopped onto a golf cart, festooned with empty Tecate cans tied to the back, and began their new punk marriage. It was really kind of beautiful, as far as punk rock weddings officiated by a guy who use to front Black Flag go. [Watch at YouTube.]