Lou Reed Terrorizes a Starbucks

Fall 2011 has been a busy season for Lou Reed -- after releasing Lulu, his collaborative effort with Metallica, he's spent the last few weeks actively defending his latest work of art from metal heads and the general public at large. And as The Best Show on WFMU host/music video director/writer Tom Scharpling  tweeted late last week, Reed caused a ruckus at a New York Starbucks, where scones and unsuspecting baristas were subjected to his infinite rage. Did this actually happen? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, it makes for a great story that we needed to see illustrated by Dustin Glick. Dig in.

Not joking. Lou Reed is at this Starbucks.

Lou is by himself. He has an iPad with him and is typing on it VERY angrily.

He just shouted over to a barista that he can't log on.

He just moved his iPad and knocked his scone on the floor.

Hes looking at me. And he doesn't look happy.

Thank god some fan just came up to him and started talking to him.

He just came back with another scone.

Lou just took a call. Hes yelling at someone.

He accidentally set his iPad on the scone.

And he just got up and walked out. He gave the British middle finger on the way through the door.

Dustin Glick is a writer, cartoonist and music nerd whose comics can be found at Dustinland.com and in MAD Magazine.