Hive Five: Stuff Diplo Says

[caption id="attachment_18033" align="alignleft" width="640" caption="Diplo in Hollywood, Calif, October 2011. Photo: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images"][/caption]

Diplo -- the super-producer behind the first two M.I.A. albums, the popularization of dubstep in the United States, and the Major Lazer project, which released its newest album this week -- is a never-ending source of solid-gold quote nuggets for interviewers. Whether he’s talking (and talking and talking) about M.I.A. (who’s also his ex), about his belief that Henry Rollins hates him, or about ditching Bassnectar on a hippie cruise ship, there are always little chunks of wisdom falling from Diplo’s mouth.

1. "Maya left her open for attacks. She's not an easy artist to criticize because she's very left-leaning, she's progressive, she's a woman. But when it comes to die-hard, facts-on-the-ground politics, she's at zero. She's nothing. I told her at the beginning of the third record, do not bring politics into this ... You just can't glamorise terrorism, it's not cool ... you can't hide behind that shit. But she totally did ... And Lynn Hirschberg just ate it up. If she didn't, the critics would have ate her up anyway because the record wasn't good."

Basically, at least a full half of Diplo’s wackiest quotes involve his ex-girlfriend M.I.A. In this article from Women’s Wear Daily (naturally) earlier this year, he’s happy to declare “she’s nothing,” blame her for a harsh New York Times profile, and diss her record. Breakups are hard.

2. “I think everyone who plays an instrument and comes from a real musical background is a bit perturbed by sampling in general. It might be ignorance to begin with — like, they don’t like hip-hop because ‘it’s an ignorant form of music and they’re not creating anything.’ I think one of the biggest haters of our stuff is always going to be the guy from Black Flag, Henry Rollins. He just always hated.”

We were unable to find a corresponding “I hate Diplo’s stuff” quote from “the guy from Black Flag,” whom Diplo apparently pretended not to know the name of for a few seconds in this interview with Wired from April 2010. Maybe it’s a reference to this bit from Rollins’ stand-up act circa 2001, when Diplo was still a college student? If so, don’t take it so personally, homie.

3. “I want to get in there before it’s all over. I’ll be like, I wasn’t checking out the news. Beyoncé did that.”

Once more with Women’s Wear Daily, Diplo mused on how he’d like to play a show for Muammar Gadhaffi, and then justify it when asked -- by taking the Beyoncé way out!

4. “With a good Bloody Mary I can watch whatever Miley Cyrus movie is on the plane, work a little, and get inspired that way.”

Talking about his working process with GQ. We really hope that this is where the beat for “Put That Pussy On Meonite” came from.

5.“I am surprised by it. She like, retired because she married a dude and she didn’t care about music. She only did it again because 'Paper Planes' did blow up in the end. It gave her a second wind, but she didn’t have any hunger anymore. She already got a full table.”

Talking about M.I.A. again with Black Book, Diplo responds to the backlash to her // / Y / album by once more being very frank and airing out her personal business to any interviewer who asks. He goes on to explain how talented and amazing she is, because apparently insulting her and gushing over her are his favorite things to do in interviews.