Holy Ghost! Do-‘Do It Again’ for First Take

First acquainted in the second grade, New York’s Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser have come a long way: Together they were signed to Capitol just out of high school as part of the hip-hop group Automato, and now they travel the world with their analog-driven, dance rock band Holy Ghost! while under the careful guidance of James Murphy and his label DFA Records.

The duo's self-titled debut record, released in April, is forty-nine minutes of unadulterated downtown smirk and dance-floor rumble. From the five-note bassline of opener "Do It Again," to the lovelorn k-hole of "Say My Name," to a reworked, trim "Static On The Wire," Holy Ghost! stay focused while wearing their influences and inspirations on their sleeves.

For this First Take, Hive met up with Holy Ghost! at Complete Music Studios in Brooklyn to talk about about how they met, their musical détente after being signed with DFA and crafting "Do It Again." The duo says the track began with a slowed, Notorious B.I.G.-inspired beat. See if you can recognize the reference during their taut live performance.

Because they’re nice guys, they also stuck around and played “Hold My Breath,” another tune off their recently released self-titled debut. But that’s not all! Next Movie also sat down with the guys for their video series Screen Check and grilled them on their film tastes, most notably about the stoner flick Your Highness, and their favorite scary movies.

Check out Holy Ghost! in our gallery below, and on Weird Vibes, where the band hosted the show from New York's Katz's Deli.