Mr. Dream Debuts New Songs at 'Live in NYC'

Brooklyn's Mr. Dream closed out Hive's official CMJ party inside the Studio at Webster Hall with a terse set of songs from their album Trash Hit. Hive got familiar with some of Trash Hit's singles when the band came by for our emerging artist series, First Take. But the band also debuted a set of new tracks, "What a Mess" and "Palace Complex," at Hive's party. Guys, we're honored. Check out the brand new songs right here.

One more thing to note about the videos: when asked about going shirtless during shows by, vocalist/guitarist Matt Morello said: "I think any of us is prepared to play without a shirt if that’s what the show calls for, definitely." Yes, Hive's CMJ show called for it.


Check out videos from the rest of Hive's Live in NYC sessions from CMJ 2011: