Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Be Kanye, Thom or Lana

Halloween isn't until Monday, but if you haven't gotten your costume together by, say, four hours ago, you aren't going to find one now. Unfortunately, draconian Halloween party throwers love to have a "no costume, no entry" policy at their spiderweb-strewn front door.  Fortunately for you, Hive's got your last-minute Halloween costume covered. Dustin Glick created a set of Halloween musician masks for us. While we only planned on offering them as a download, we couldn't resist trying the masks on ourselves (see below). Download Hive's PDF pack of last-minute Halloween masks, and try becoming Björk (or Biophilia Björk), Jack White, SBTRKT, Lana Del Rey, St. Vincent, Kanye West, Justin Vernon or Thurston Moore yourself this Halloween.

Photos by Lauren Weissler

Hive senior editor Jessica Suarez tries to muster all the Courtney Love attitude she can.

Production assistant Lauren Thompson wanted some matching accessories for her Kanye West shoot, but we didn't have 300k to spare.

Fun fact: Hive's strategy director Mark Butterworth is British even without the Thom Yorke mask.

Music & talent coordinator Rawley Bornstein did this SBTRKT photo for the massive Facebook profile photo potential.

For Hive editor Mike Ayers, every day is "dress up like Justin Vernon" day.

Digital music strategy coordinator Nathaniel Gravely wanted to be Lana Del Rey, despite the mask being a few sizes too small and a few sizes too creepy. Nothing a little bottom lip and a lot of tape couldn't fix! Also, yes, the mask has cut-out-able lips. Would you kiss him? He'd kiss him. He'd kiss him hard.