The Black Keys Return With "Lonely Boy"

[caption id="attachment_17375" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="The Black Keys perform at Coachella, April 2011. Photo: Karl Walter/Getty Images"][/caption]

The Black Keys returned today with a new single, "Lonely Boy." It's not just vintage Keys -- it's vintage rock and roll, taking the band away from the slowed-down, whistling-solo-flecked tunes that they played with on Brothers in favor of some stompy guitar rock.

It’s a good look for a band that has always done its best work when it’s chasing the balls-out rock-and-roll sound that they clearly adore. The main riff of “Lonely Boy” sounds like it was written fifty years ago, and the Keys’ indomitable energy manages to keep “writing a riff that sounds like it’s five decades old” the height of freshness -- no mean feat, but it’s why we love these guys. To accompany the song, the Keys have tapped into the Internet's love of watching random dudes dance -- we’re not sure who this buttoned-up middle-aged man is, but he sure looks like he’s having a great time.

The new Black Keys album is called El Camino, and based off of “Lonely Boy” and the accompanying video, we’ll assume it’s named after the car, not the road -- so far, the signs point to it being muscular, classic and cool as hell. [Watch here.]