Black Milk and Danny Brown LOL About Acid Trips

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Motivated by the success of their collaborative cut “Black and Brown” on Black MilksAlbum of the Year, Danny Brown and his fellow Detroit native teased the release of an entire EP together. Now Black and Brown is finally public in its entirety. So was the build up worth it?

First off, it's quick. Wit ten tracks (with three instrumentals), Black and Brown clocks in at a mere twenty minutes. Besides the previously released single “Black and Brown,” Milk stays behind the boards making soulful, often psychedelic instrumentals fueled by crisp drums, while Danny embellishes with his trademark mixture of bravado and gloom. Brown's irregular flow falls into place on “Wake Up,” a strangely prophetic track where he shares the merits of his depression with an almost Chuck D-like intonation. But Danny reverts back to his all-out drug ballad formula on tracks like “LOL,” where he explains his standard text message response to friends who are on acid (because, you know how that is). But that LSD-inspired acronym is the recipe for Milk and Brown's creation: '60s psych-soul with Danny Brown’s out-of-tune flow, baked-out-on-mushrooms trip.

Since the release of that first single more than a year ago, Black Milk has taken time to work with everyone from Sean Price to Jack White while Danny Brown padded his ascent to misunderstood indie-rap staple with XXX. Although these guys carry deep discographies and have been all over the map this year, they still felt they could eek out this collab. As long as you don’t mind Brown’s crassitudes, Black and Brown will challenge your ears in a flurry of mind-bending moments.

Black Milk and Danny Brown - Black and Brown EP by BLACK MILK