The Best Lines From Lou Reed and Metallica's 'Lulu'

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Cautious optimism prevailed when Lou Reed and Metallica announced that they had recorded an entire collaborative album. That quickly faded into snickers and groans once the first snippets of the actual music -- featuring Reed's off-key monotone dropping spoken word bon mots over standard-fare Metallica guitars -- hit the internet last month. Now, with the full 90-minute album streaming on, the world is at last able to hear what sort of poetry Lou was inspired to spout by the crushing Metallica riffs blasting in the room during those sessions.

Offered without comment are a few of the choicest lines from Lulu.

"I would cut my legs and tits off when I think of Boris Karloff and Kinski in the dark of the moon." - "Brandenburg Gate"

"If I waggle my ass like a dark prostitute, would you think less of me and my coagulating heart? Waggle my ass like dark prostitute coagulating heart-pumping blood, come on James!" - "Pumping Blood"

"Jack I beseech you, I call out your name! Blood in the foyer of the bathroom, the tearoom, the kitchen and knives slain, I swallow your sharpest curdle like a colored man's dick, blood spurting from me! Blood spurting from me, oh Jack, oh Jack, I beseech you! In the end it was an ordinary heart pumping blood!" - "Pumping Blood"

"I'm a woman who likes men, but this is something else. I've never felt such stirring. I feel like I am someone else. I wish you would tie me up and beat me. - "Mistress Dread"

"I have a passionate heart. It can tear us apart. I have the loves of many men, but I don't love any of them. Why do I cheat on me? Why do I cheat on me? Why do I cheat on me? Why do I... cheat on me? Why, why do I cheat on me, why? Come on! Why do I cheat on me? Why do I cheat on me?" - "Cheat On Me"

"I don't have the strength I once had and you and your prickless lover with evil in his eyes. [sung] I feel a pain / creep up my leg / blood runs from my nose / I puke my guts / out at your feet / you're more man than I / to be dead to have no feeling / to be dry and spermless / like a giiiiiirl / like a girl. [spoken] I want so much to hurt you, I want so much to hurt you, I want so much to hurt you, marry me, I want you as my wife. Spermless like a girl, more man than I." - "Frustration"