Hive Five: Essential Zombie Tunes for 'The Walking Dead'

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Even though there’ve only been six episodes, The Walking Dead is already our most-anticipated new TV show. And if it’s yours, too, then you probably need a killer, zombie-themed soundtrack for The Walking Dead season two premiere party you’ve got planned, right? Here's five essential tunes for any celebration of the undead rise to pop culture glory.

1. The Cranberries, “Zombie”

No, the song isn’t actually about zombies, but when Dolores O’Riordan wails, “Zom-om-beee-eee-eee” the way she does, the last thing on anybody’s mind at a Walking Dead party will be the troubles of Northern Ireland in the mid-90’s. Set the tone with the most grating zombie song of all! [Listen here.]

2. Alien Sex Fiend, “Now I’m Feeling Zombified”

Next, go darkwave with this fairly silly, but totally danceable tune from the Welsh goths in Alien Sex Fiend. “Now I’m Feeling Zombified” is about the literal process of turning into a zombie, we think, so it’ll add some tension to the party as your friends think about how quickly they’d have to kill each other if that happened. [Listen here.]

3. Jeffrey Lewis, “If You Shoot the Head You Kill the Ghoul”

Now that everyone’s got contingency plans on the brain, remind them exactly how to avoid being zombie food with the normally-folked out Jeffrey Lewis’ frantic, punky instructions for where to aim in the event of a zombie apocalypse. [Listen here.]

4. Rob Zombie, “Living Dead Girl”

If The Walking Dead stays true to the tone of its comic book roots, then things might be getting pretty weird in season two. We won't give away any spoilers, but Rob Zombie’s love song to the pretty zombie lady of his fancy is likely to be totally appropriate. [Listen here.]

5. The National, “Conversation 16”

Now that it’s time to come down, Matt Berninger’s bummed-out baritone is perfect. There aren’t a whole bunch of sad zombie songs, but when “Conversation 16” gets to the part about how “I was afraid / I’d eat your brains,” you’ll really start to empathize with the poor, undead monsters. [Listen here.]