The Millienial Tension of Girls’ ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’

Photo courtesy of Girls/Facebook

Father, Son, Holy Ghost, the second album by the San Francisco band Girls, opens with a crush song called “Honey Bunny.” The title is well-worn and from nowhere in particular: It’s Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend; it’s Amanda Plummer’s character in Pulp Fiction; it’s a dopey name people call their partners in love and jest. If you’ve heard rock and roll music before, you’ll recognize the sound: a surf-style guitar ornament so endlessly recycled nobody knows if it’s from “Pipeline” or not anymore, a little of T. Rex’s boys-in-makeup boogie, the pilled-up twitch of early Elvis Costello or ‘80s power-pop, and a weary gospel comedown I’d attribute to Spiritualized if the Beatles hadn’t beaten them to it.

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