Watch the Throne Gets a Proper Dance Treatment

[caption id="attachment_12845" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Jay-Z and Kanye West perform at the 2011 VMA Awards in Los Angeles. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images"][/caption]

One month after the release of Watch the Throne, and a handful of appropriation efforts, Los Angeles production duo Market Price have remixed every track from the original album to dancefloor delight, packaging the 14-track release as Mark the Throne. Valentino and DJ GOJ!RA use a combination of electro and dubstep inspired sounds, ultimately crafting a fidget-house album with blasts fast-paced, monochromatic synths and glitches under punchy spliced vocal samples. For example, they flip the heavy dub of the original “Who Gon Stop Me” into a progressive house anthem that floats instead of stomps, juxtaposing it with a second build up that leads directly into an uptempo dubstep crunch. On the lead single "Otis," Market Price pick up the pace, although only to a mid-tempo moombahton-like speed that sways instead of pumps, markedly different than the rest of the album. The intro is delightfully soulful, but soon the song bends pitch and drops out into an all out bass gnarl. It’s the range and combination of sounds, both within EDM and between the macro genres of electronic and hip-hop, that make Mark the Throne a gratifying listen.

How much of each Jay-Z and Kanye song is utilized ranges from track to track; if you’re looking for the thugstep mashups that simply layer rap verses over electro beats, you’re better off searching elsewhere. With Mark the Throne, Market Price produce a truly original electronic dance album that could have lived without the sounds gleaned from the supposedly remixed original. The references and samples taken from Watch the Throne run throughout like a meme, noticeable and gratifying, but certainly not the sole reason anyone would hit play, whether purposefully or accidentally. [Download Watch the Throne via Earmilk/Stream via Soundcloud.]