September 11: How Music Responded

[caption id="attachment_12726" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="The 9/11 Memorial shines over the New York City skyline. Photo: Mitchell Funk/Photographers Choice/Getty"][/caption]

It's been ten years since 9/11. And while many others reflect on the date and rightfully mourn what happened, we at Hive wanted to look at how the music community responded to September 11 and its aftermath. Beyond the impact to the industry, the artistic expressions of grief, hope, anger, and ambivalence were swift (so swift, in fact, that single tracks could contain blurs of all these emotions). Travel across genres and you'll find 9/11 as a convenient metaphor, rally cry, or impetus for rebirth and reflection. We asked Rich Juzwiak, Chuck Eddy, Jenny Eliscu, Andrew Nosnitsky and Michaelangelo Matos to explore five genres (pop, country, indie rock, rap, and dance, respectively), and their musicians' immediate and long-term reactions to 9/11.