Peter Wolf Crier's Garden Arms -- Exclusive Album Stream

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A few months ago, we found bliss in Peter Wolf Crier's song, "Right Away" -- the woozy opener from their new album, Garden Arms. But we weren't quite sure what to expect from the rest of the set. Would they continue down that same path or revert back to their folkier roots? Turns out, a bit of both. Listen to the full album, and you're sure to hear a bevy of different arrangements: some Beatles nods during "Krishnamurti," a tinge of Radiohead in "Hard Heart" as well as a more textural approach to softer tunes, such as "Cut a Hand" and "Beach." Anchoring the album is Peter Pisano's nasally voice; there's longing and tenderness woven throughout, where he blends compassionate phrasing with a more sterile sounding rhythmic approach. Forget woozy, call it modern intricacy.

Garden Arms is out now on Jagjaguwar. Listen below:


Garden of Arms by DOJAGSC