First Take: Freddie Gibbs

When you come from a low-income, Midwest town such as Gary, Indiana, the road out of poverty is a dicey one, often convoluted with false hopes, and sometimes legal ramifications. But for monotone/double-time flow expert Freddie Gibbs, his checkered past is likely his greatest asset; on the shoulders of Scarface and Tupac, he began investing his time and energy into make pure gangsta rap. In a somewhat ironic way, the circle of anti-violence backpack bloggers embraced him for this very reason; Gibbs was the underground circuits’ answer to a culture that was too concerned with 5th Avenue, forgetting about the harshness of the ghetto. In this First Take, Hive's video series on emerging artists, Gibbs spoke to why he started making music and gives an inside look at the recording of “Rap Money” off his album Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away.