120 Minutes: The Bonus Clips

If only the show were called 140 Minutes. Interviewing artists for the first episode of the rebooted MTV2 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield, ever-enthused host Matt Pinfield amassed more footage than he could squeeze into the first show (watch the episode here). Back in the dial-up or even pre-Internet days, the extra bits might have been stuffed in a closet somewhere, but thanks to technology unthinkable during 120 Minutes’ first run, the Hive is offering up 18 choice bonus clips.

Watch as Dave Grohl demystifies the rock-star life and tells Pinfield how, during the making of Wasting Light (which was recorded in his garage), he played caretaker for both his daughter and band mates, bathing the former, cleaning up beer cans left by the latter. (At least it wasn’t the other way around.) His days began at 5:30 a.m., but they ended with three glasses of wine around 11, so it's basically the rock star life he dreamed about when he was a kid (seriously, it is).

In another clip, Matt & Kim discuss filming the video for “Cameras,” explaining how the choreographed fight scene led to Matt’s first-ever bloody nose, courtesy of Kim. “What kind of man am I?” he asks Pinfield. Cults singer Madeline Follin wasn’t injured while making last year’s Adult Swim-produced clip for “Oh My God,” but she was skeeved out by the artist behind the “balloon suit” she agreed to wear. “Make it pulsate,” Follin remembers the guy saying. If that sounds scary, wait for the members of Young the Giant recount the meeting they held to tell their parents they were dropping out of school. Wisely, they opted for shirts and ties, not balloon suits for that sit-down. Check out all the bonus clips above, and some of our favorites from the 120 Minutes debut, below.




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