Weird Vibes Episode 1: 'It's Not Easy Being a Buzzband'

Welcome to Weird Vibes! Here's episode 1, titled "It's Not Easy Being a Buzzband." It features members of the bands Best Coast, Au Revoir Simone, Small Black, Beach Fossils, Tanlines and Frankie & the Outs discussing the dark side of band life, including being cyberbullied, fighting with bandmates on tour, the inevitable death of your buzz, etc. There are also six music videos from the likes of Vivian Girls, Teams, Shabazz Palaces, Grimes, Friends and WU LYF!

So whats the deal with Weird Vibes? It's our new 30-minute indie music series. Yeah, yeah, indie blah blah, say what you will, but here's an actual cool music video show. Remember those? They were pretty awesome, and then they basically disappeared. Maybe blogs took over? Well blogs will be blogs, but sometimes it's nice to zone out and watch a music show, ideally one that's funny, doesn't suck, features bands you actually care about and doesn't have random people conducting pointless band interviews. Weird Vibes is created, produced and edited by Shirley Braha who did the long-running NYC TV music show New York Noise. Check back in a few weeks for episode 2, shot at Pitchfork Fest. And in the meantime, follow Weird Vibes on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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