First Take: Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar makes computer music that breathes and dance music that sways. If either or both of those strikes you as unlikely, well, take pleasure in knowing that you're onto something. The 21-year-old Jaar grew up in New York City, save for some early childhood years in Santiago, Chile, with a mother who studied experimental dance and a father, Alfredo Jaar, who works as a conceptual artist of international renown. Musically, Jaar started to make his name with a series of slow, sensual 12-inch singles that turned into surprising hits in a minimal-techno scene a bit starved for atmosphere and soul. But it was with his recent album Space Is Only Noise that Jaar made his boldest pronouncement yet. In this First Take, Hive’s new video series spotlighting emerging artists, Jaar performs the album's title track while discussing honesty in electronic music and ways that technology has started to reconnect.

For close-ups of Nicolas Jaar performing, check out this photo gallery: