Five Musician Life Savers

[caption id="attachment_11035" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Ol' Dirty Bastard at press conference in New York City, 2003. Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images"]Ol' Dirty Bastard at press conference in New York City[/caption]

This week, as the internet became enamored with tales of movie stars saving people -- namely, Kate Winslett rescuing Richard Branson's mother from a burning mansion, and Ryan Gosling breaking up a fight in downtown Manhattan -- we at Hive started thinking about acts of heroism performed by musicians. Here are five stories that prove having these musicians in your corner could be life-saving, even if their music isn't life-altering.

1. Ol' Dirty Bastard Takes a Break From Recording, Saves a Child

Ol' Dirty Bastard was certainly controversial in his day -- mostly for his sexual assault and robbery issues -- but in February 1998, while he was in the studio with the Wu-Tang Clan, he broke away from the mics and beats to save a young girl who'd been hit by a car outside. As MTV News reported, ODB and friends channeled some superhuman strength and lifted the car up to free her. He then followed up with a hospital visit.

2. Courtney Love Saves Kelly Osbourne with CPR and Violence

It's easy to have a barrel full of disdain for Courtney Love, but maybe we should reconsider. Earlier this year, Love told The Fix that she had to come to Osbourne's aid by using CPR, and -- because the situation called for it --  violence. "By which I mean I had to poke her furiously in certain places to wake her up from her coma," she explained. In summation: you may hate her ties to Cobain, her band Hole and her constant need for media attention -- but she's ready to give you violent mouth-to-mouth.

3. T.I. Saves a Jumper

While we anxiously await T.I.'s release from prison (again), we can take solace in the fact that while he's a repeat offender, at heart, he doesn't want you to die. In October 2010, TMZ reported that T.I. was listening to the Atlanta radio station V103 and heard that a man was about to jump -- and called in, asking if there was anything  he could do to help. Turns out, there was. The radio host asked him to come down to the scene, where T.I. recorded a video message that the police played for the fellow. He didn't jump.

4. Creed Saves Norwegian Boy From Wolf Attacks

We can't promise that Creed will show up and take care of any life-or-death situations you might be facing, but as Walter Eikram found out earlier this year, their music can surely save lives. So the story goes: As young Eikram was walking home from school, a pack of wolves surrounded him, possibly looking for an early dinner. The boy started to play the Creed song "Overcome," which made the wolves retreat ... or more accurately, just walk away, presumably bored.

5. Amy Winehouse Pays for Carribean Man's Surgery

Although Amy Winehouse became tabloid fodder for her non-musical endeavors, here's a posthumous story that paints in her in a different light (even if its source is one of those very same British tabloids, the Daily Mail). According to the Mail (via the Metro UK), in 2009, while in St. Lucia, Winehouse met a man by the name of Jean-Baptiste who needed a hernia operation. Without hesitation, she plunked down several thousands dollars, and, three days later, the man had his operation. Whether it's rumor or not, it's still a nice insight into the late singer's personality.