Mr. Dream Perform for 'First Take'

Mr. Dream play short, loud, melodic songs. It's that simple. Yet the lean, barbed songs on their debut album Trash Hit travel along a dynamic path, where spacious, minimal tracks sit self-assured alongside heart-racing punk rock blowouts. Attribute that immediate confidence to knowing exactly what they wanted to do, from the start. Adam Moerder, Matt Morello and Nick Sylvester were already acquaintances when they officially began planning Mr. Dream at a Jay Reatard show in 2008. Their template was the classic rock trio, SST Records, Steve Albini-produced albums. But take the lyrics of Trash Hit's title track ("These stupid kids/ They like their old-time rhythms") to heart: Theirs is a vintage sound, stripped of nostalgia.

In this First Take, Hive’s video series on emerging artists, Mr. Dream perform "Trash Hit" while discussing why they started the band, why dumb riffs are fun and one of the best compliments they've received. As a bonus, the trio takes on “Scarred for Life,” with bassist Matt Morello on lead vocals here, infusing the song’s particularly graphic lyrics with speedy, manic frenzy.

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