Wild Beasts Remix Lady Gaga for London Fire Labels

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As the labels affected by the London riot fires sort out their next moves, art-rock band Wild Beasts (who record for Domino) are jumping in to raise awareness for the hurt indie labels. The quartet received Lady Gaga's blessing to remix her tune "Yoü and I," the fourth single from Born This Way. This remix pairs two disparate artists from two very different worlds.

So how is it? The band extracts Gaga's nod to classic rock (Queen's Brian May plays guitar on the original, and the song samples "We Will Rock You") and gives it a slower, steadier groove, juxtaposing an upfront piano line with more ambient textures. Keeping with Lady Gaga's talent for re-invention, Wild Beasts transform a somewhat cliché rock tune into a late night come-down session. And all for a good cause. [Listen to "You and I (Wild Beasts remix)" here.]