Hive Five: Videos Kreayshawn Did Direct

[caption id="attachment_10497" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Photo courtesy of Audible Treats"][/caption]

For whatever reason -- maybe because it was a disaster, or maybe because it just didn't work out -- the Kreayshawn-directed video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers' new single, "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie," did not make it past the screening room door. Instead, and with much haste, Marc Klasfeld directed a rather bland (though not disastrous) rooftop performance video.

So, while we hope that Kreayshawn's reject Red Hot video will see the light of day, there are plenty of videos Kreayshawn did direct and release -- her YouTube page has 96 videos total, at least half of which (like her Rugrats dub) are random goofuckery. But Hive found five totally watchable Kreayshawn-directed music videos that stay true to her "Gucci Gucci" brag: "The editor/director, plus I'm my own boss."

1. Lil B, "Like a Martian"

Maybe the most accurately-titled Lil B song, the video for "Like A Martian" is, like most Kreayshawn video contents, a casual eyes-into-the-camera affair for a typically meandering, flabbergasting, unprintable Based flow about d*** sucking, wet p****, b**** f***ing, aliens, cocaine, and drinking orange juice in your underwears. [Watch here .]

2. Da Oowop, "Bright Lights"

Kreayshawn the Director takes it to a party this time. With a little singsong bridge and a beat straight from "Sweet Dreams," Oakland's Da Oowop a.k.a. Geo C coyly explains how lovely it is to be on drugs at an awesome dance party (we know). [Watch here.]

3. Kris Staxx ft. Novaboy, "SO MANY"

Listed as a promo, this pretty much qualifies as a music video. From Kris Staxx' bio: "his music is a representation of life so when people listen to what he raps about an image in their mind becomes present." So Kreayshawn just needed to show up and roll? We're guessing the treatment was something like "broads, cars." [Watch here.]

4. Cal Ripkin, "After Dark"

Black and white! Candles! Boy shorts! Romantic! While it's hard to tell whether Cal Ripken can sing -- he whispers into the mic throughout, which maybe makes it not so hard to tell -- the video itself does a decent job of summarizing the subject matter: having polyamorous sex, nice and slow. [Watch here.]

5. Roach Gigz, "F A Chorus"

Everything's relative, sure, but this may be the best song and video of the bunch. Times Square, New York City is as good a place as any for a skinnyish rapper from the Bay Area to jump around and toss out bar after bar of calm brag, all set to Kreayshawn's frenetically cut Instagram take on the bustle of the Big Apple. [Watch here.]