David Lynch Goes 'Crazy' on New Album

[caption id="attachment_10403" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="David Lynch attends the Operation Warrior Wellness launch, New York City, June 2011. Photo: John Lamparski/Wire Image"][/caption]

With long-held interests in acting, painting, website design, coffee-making and weather prognosticating all on his resumé, David Lynch's non-directorial pursuits shouldn't surprise fans of the revered filmmaker. But even hardened admirers had to be startled by "Good Day Today" and "I Know," two tracks released by Lynch that presaged Crazy Clown Time, the director's debut album set for release this November via Sunday Best.

Contacted by Hive, Lynch exclusively revealed that the genesis of the project goes back more than a decade. “In the late 1990s, I had a recording studio built where I could experiment with sound and music," Lynch told us. "In recent years, working with engineer Big Dean Hurley, the music side has accelerated and at the same time came interest from Sunday Best Recordings in London to put out an album. Like they say, you know, timing is the thing.” When asked the meaning of the enigmatic title, Lynch replied with a predictably Lynchian answer: "Crazy Clown Time. Open almost any window and look out.”

While Crazy Clown Time is the proper debut, Lynch has a long history composing tracks and scores for his films. He co-wrote "In Heaven" for his 1977 debut film Eraserhead, and won a Pop Instrumental Grammy in 1991 with "Falling," the theme to Twin Peaks, composed with longtime collaborator Angelo Badalamenti. Last year, Lynch collaborated with Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse on the fractured pop album Dark Night of the Soul, which included a 100-page book of photos by the director as visual accompaniment to the music.

Crazy Clown Time includes 14 original songs written and performed by Lynch, described by the filmmaker as "modern blues."