Holy Ghost! Touch God in "Some Children" Video

Doobie Brothers maestro Michael McDonald may not be the first name you'd pick when thinking of collaborations with New York electro-pop duo Holy Ghost!, but that's exactly why the band's new song "Some Children" works. For their recently released video, though, the group looked to animator Adam Fuchs, brother of former Maserati and Juan Maclean drummer Jerry Fuchs, who turned Holy Ghost!'s synth-funk jam into a series of hallucinogenic images and bearded idols.

Fuchs made the short video in conjunction with Adult Swim, knowing immediately that cloud imagery needed to be somewhere in the clip. Given the band's name and McDonalds' god status among lite-rock fans, it makes sense that the trippy video has a religious, otherworldly quality, with the duo even positioning themselves as God and Adam in Michelangelo's "The Creation of Man." Less sense: McDonald's cycloptic avatar. But we're not complaining.

Holy Ghost!'s self-titled album is out now on DFA.