Mazzy Star Fades Into You -- 120 Minutes Revisited

Wikipedia says "Fade Into You" has only appeared in sixteen films and television shows. It seems paltry considering how Mazzy Star's ubiquitous hit informed a host of today’s popular songstresses, St. Vincent, Holly Miranda and Marissa Nadler included. In this classic 120 Minutes clip, Hope Sandoval's placid, rather unaffected jazz croon melds with the persistent acoustic, and the (consistently misreported as 'pedal steel') electric guitar sigh-slides -- the performance is a solid recreation of the original, yet you get the Sandovol pout -- classic angst, dolled up in a dreamy little package.

MTV2's 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield returns this Saturday, July 30 at 1am. Watch Hive's spinoff series, 120 seconds, here.