The Pixies Reunion Extends in App Form

[caption id="attachment_8237" align="alignnone" width="630" caption="The Pixies perform in New York City, November 2009. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images"][/caption]

The Pixies' endless reunion tour has finally come to the iPhone via the band's official app, released today. Band apps aren’t exactly novel at this point, but the Pixies' version offers a handful of benefits to fans who aren’t satisfied with merely having all of the band’s albums in iTunes.

The Pixies Official app is as intuitive as it gets, with a basic three-by-three grid offering options like “Listen,” “Videos,” and “Shows." Clicking “Listen” will get you a handful of free streaming soundboard recordings from both the band’s original '80s run and its 2004-2005 reunion, and submitting your email address will unlock the band’s legendary Purple Tape demos. Presumably, this section will be beefed up over time. The sound quality on the options available right now are wildly uneven -- the Newport 2006 recording is pretty impressive for a streamed live recording played on a phone, but the 1988 Manchester gig, while surely legendary, is kinda lo-fi. The “Videos” section contains a fount of YouTube links to live performances as well.

Some of the app’s other functions are kinda iffy -- it’s hard to imagine anyone was really clamoring for a Pixies “Fan Wall” or a list of the app’s “Top Users." The “Studio Albums” section is really just a discography list with the option to buy the tracks in iTunes. A “Photos” area offers the chance to, uh, look at pictures of the band sound-checking and stuff -- there are only a handful of images included -- but the “Shows” and “News” sections deliver as promised.

Mostly, it seems like the Pixies app is best suited to the band’s diehards -- of which there are many -- who might have a desperate need for various bootleg recordings at a moment’s notice. [Download the Pixies App here.]