Hive Five: Celebrity Kids, Aspiring Musicians

[caption id="attachment_8149" align="alignnone" width="630" caption="Weston Cage with Nicole Williams, February 2011. Photo: Mark Sullivan/WireImage"][/caption]

Celebrity kids with artistic dreams often get caught in a conundrum. If they make their intentions public to enter the entertainment industry, such as Pablo Dylan did this week, they are immediately discredited, scrutinized and judged against their family. Will they outshine their 15 minutes of fame? Or are they talented enough to carve a deeper foothold in our playlists? In most cases, it's the former, as we see here in these five recent stabs at musical stardom.

1. Weston Cage (son of Nicolas Cage)

Both are members of the Coppola family tree, it might seem like the only thing that they have in common is a penchant for screaming at strangers. Weston performs as part of the death-metal group Eye of Noctum ("noctum" is Latin for darkness). In songs like “Annihilate” and “Declaration of War,” little Cage death growls over relentless guitar chords in terrifying fashion.

2. Rich Hil (son of Tommy Hilfiger)

Tommy Hilfiger is the one of the great American fashion marketers, his clothing line practically synonymous with clean, sporty prep. The only thing his son Rich Hil sports, though, is a mullet-mohawk, full-body tats and a black diamond watch. He recently signed a deal with Warner Brothers through the mystifying recommendation of R&B singer the Weeknd. His full length album is to be recorded entirely with power-house producer Lex Luger, and the duo apparently have enough material to release a collaborative mixtape beforehand.

3. Chet Haze (son of Tom Hanks)

Kids are like a box of chocolates. Tom Hanks progeny Chester Hanks is a student at Northwestern University, but he moonlights as Chet Haze, an up-and-coming frat-rap superstar. His remixed version of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow,” an ode to his school colors called “White and Purple,” proves that Chet is willing to put his university on his back, but raps about books, blunts, kegs and legs might only appeal to a certain youthful demographic. On the other hand, he recently Tweeted that he was snapped by the paparazzi for the first time without his “pops” around, hinting that his music is turning some heads outside of Northwestern.

4. Scott Caan (son of James Caan)

Son of actor James Caan, Scott might be the most successful artist on this list. In the early '90s he met with Alan Maman, who you would recognize as the Alchemist today, and formed teenage hip-hop group the Whooliganz. They eventually caught the attention of Cypress Hill's B-Real, and they joined the group on tour before inking a deal with Tommy Boy Records. Today his rap career sleeps with the fishes. Scott is now better known for his acting roles in Hawaii Five-0 or on Entourage.

5. Brooke Hogan (daughter of Hulk Hogan)

Brooke Hogan was introduced to the world in a big way on the reality TV show Hogan Knows Best, eventually landing her own series, the short-lived spin-off Brooke Knows Best. Like any blonde cutie caught up in reality show fame, she made the natural transition to pop singer, releasing albums Undiscovered in 2006 and The Redemption in 2009. And Brooke's no longer the undercard: Undiscovered has since sold 127,000 copies, which is no chump change in a post-Napster world.