The Weeknd's Show, From Every Angle

[caption id="attachment_8126" align="alignnone" width="630" caption="Photo courtesy of The Weeknd Facebook"][/caption]

The Weeknd's Abel Tesfaye has kept himself covered in mystery since his highly praised debut mixtape, House of Balloons, hit the Internet this past March. Tesfaye released his first few tracks with no fanfare (his very public admirer Drake brought attention to his music by Tweeting links). He's done no interviews and made few appearances onstage. It made his fans wonder if his sample-heavy songs -- along with his delicate voice -- could even be reproduced live.

Turns out all the reticence was just for reticence's sake. Tesfaye played his first proper (and sold-out) show in Toronto Sunday night, and, according to Rolling Stone, it was a success. "His songs sounded spot-on, if not better, live, proving the wait for Tesfaye has been completely worth it," Melody Lau wrote. "Though apparent on recordings, Tesfaye’s voice is even more astounding in person; it soared over the screaming crowd, which sang along to every song." The crowd did more than sing along, actually. The venue confiscated fans' cameras and Tesfaye banned the media from attending, but the audience still captured the show on their smartphones. Celebrity sighting website OMGICU compiled some of the videos they discovered into a multi-angled, crowd-sourced live clip for "High For This." Sorry Abel: the secret's out. [Watch The Weeknd performing "Hive For This" here.]