Bjork and Gondry Reteam for "Crystalline" Video

[caption id="attachment_8094" align="alignnone" width="630" caption="Bjork performs in Sydney, Australia, January 2008. Photo: Don Arnold/Wire Image"][/caption]

Icelandic avant-pop queen Björk teamed up with Michel Gondry to dig into a stop-motion-animated, crystal-strewn world in this video from her upcoming album Biophilia. As one might expect from these frequent collaborators (this is their eighth video together), minerals grow, spider crystals form and stream-of-consciousness networks twiddle along, all while Lunar mother Björk floats and dances above. In other words, the clip is prototypical Gondry -- childish and heady, simple tricks and ingenious tweaks, a structure so loose as to repel any direct interpretation -- with a fully blooming Björk conducting the proceedings. We could listen to her say "quartz" all day. [Watch here.]