The Cure Perform "Fascination Street" -- 120 Minutes Revisted

In 1989 the Cure's American label, Elektra, (rather begrudgingly -- the label was not a fan of the record) needed a single for the band's fantastic eighth album, Disintegration. "Lullaby" (still their highest-charting song to date in Britain) found success in the U.K., and it seemed a natural choice for stateside promotion. But the label refused, and pushed "Fascination Street" as Disintegration's lead single, where it peaked at a respectable #12 on the Billboard 200. In this classic clip from 120 Minutes, the Cure pop by on July 15, 1996, to play "Fascination Street" while promoting their next record Wild Mood Swings. The song's long, brooding intro and meandering guitars were a return to form of sorts for the Cure; Robert Smith was regularly taking LSD to cope with his depression, and once again felt the Cure was being misunderstood and sought to return to the band's dark side.

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