Bush Play New Song on "Kimmel"

So, Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani called a family meeting and decided it was time to get the band(s) back together. As we just learned, Gwen and No Doubt are currently working on a new album with Major Lazer (which should be an innocuously medium-fun adventure in umpteenth-wave pop dancehall ska). Meanwhile, Rossdale (with Bush in tow), took to Jimmy Kimmel Live to debut "Sound of Winter," a new tune off their upcoming fifth album The Sea of Memories. And really, what better time than now for a resurgence of the now-primitive radio gods of ‘90s yore? The yachts are already in the bay, so let's just go full retrospect. Because those were such good times.

How’s Gavin & Co.’s new song? Like an unflavored lollipop. After the ostensibly 'experimental' tack of their last great return, "The Sound of Winter" sounds like a band with vertigo, well away from their sea legs. With a ten-year absence, and ten years prior spent putting out extremely popular, very tepid music (more bite than the Wallflowers , less bite than, say, Nirvana), it’s doubtful Bush is poised to re-rule the world with this jam -- if ever there was an edge, that edge is supremely dull these days. But, with Oasis gone, anything’s possible. To rephrase: is anything possible?

The Sea of Memories is out September 13 via E1 Records.