Stephen Colbert Performs With Jack White

Stephen Colbert made the music world giddy with ironic excitement over this week with his coy celebration of Jack White, dubbed "Stephest Colbchella." Among the shenanigans was an announcement that Colbert's gone and joined a rock band, backed by the Black Belles, signed to Jack White’s Third Man Records, and that his first single, “Charlene II (I’m Over You),” is available for purchase via iTunes and old school 7” format.

But it gets better: White and Colbert set up shop in New York City today, selling copies of the tune themselves out of the Third Man Records truck. The two also signed some copies and had a beer, before busting out the guitars for a performance that's (naturally) already made it's way to YouTube. [Watch here.]

Update:White and Colbert duet on the "Star Spangled Banner." [Watch here.]