Hive Five: Unusual Band Merch

[caption id="attachment_4781" align="alignnone" width="630" caption="The Ghostface Killah doll. Photo courtesy of 4Cast"][/caption]

This week, Metallica release their own version of Monopoly, the latest example of a rock band venturing beyond concert t-shirts and hawking unusual merch. In light of this trend, we here at Hive loaded up our shopping cart with five of our favorite officially licensed rock and pop oddities.

1. The Kiss Kasket

Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean Gene Simmons is done selling you Kiss swag. Unveiled in 2001, this stylish coffin also doubles as a beer cooler, which begs the question: How long until we get Rock and Roll All Nite Ale?

2. Wavves weed grinders

Rule no. 1 of effective salesmanship: Know your audience. For pot-loving Wavves main-man Nathan Williams, he's made sure fans can always find that spark when in need.

3. The Ghostface Killah Doll

Nine inches tall and resplendent in real gold chains, the Pretty Toney doll will run mad game on your other action figures but it doesn't come cheap; retail price is set at $74.99.

4. OMAR-S ice tray

Props to this Detroit techno producer for beating Ice Cube and Ice-T to the punch and allowing fans to make their own Omar S branded ice cubes for that next special cocktail hour.

5. The Weezer Snuggie

Available in three colors, these fleece wraps are just the thing to wear while rocking Pinkerton and contemplating the coldness of the outside world.