Hive Five: Advice for a Teen Wolf

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Wolves have been an indie-rock meme long before Zach Galiafinakis declared himself a “one-man … pack.” The mid-Aughts were filled with bands that celebrated the lupine invading the human condition: Wolfmother, Wolf Parade, Wolf Eyes, Wolves in the Throne Room. For a minute there, it seemed as if we were all striving to mix our inner creature with what was happening in the world around us. Now, with this Sunday’s premiere of Teen Wolf, those desires have their very own TV show. To mark the occasion, we compiled a quintet of “advice” songs for any young person who may be undergoing a metamorphosis from human to beast, and – hopefully – back again.

1. Become it, accept it

Don’t fight the transformation! As TV on the Radio so unsubtly put it on their great “Wolf Like Me”: “My mind has changed/my body's frame but God I like it/my hearts aflame/my body's strained but god I like it.

[Listen here.]

2. Celebrate it

Of course, there are going to be issues with dual being, but there will also be causes to rejoice -- besides the full moon. So say the Cramps on “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”: “I’m a teenage werewolf of parallel bars/Got a teenage girlfriend, got a lot of scars.”

[Listen here.]

3. Learn to deal with natural urges

As the senses of smell and taste come alive, and the hunter’s verve goes into overdrive, don’t forget to get all Duran Duran on the world. “Hungry Like the Wolf” wasn’t just a great video, it was a damn good guide.

[Listen here.]

4. Learn to deal with emotional pitfalls

Being different sucks sometimes. So while the term “cry wolf” usually means “false accusation,” it also refers to moments of howling where the human and animal natures collide, when you -- in a-ha’s words -- have to “give in, but … can’t give up.”

[Listen here.]

5. Find comfort in your fellow pack

Just remember: you are not alone, and this is going to be forever. Bon Iver’s got this song called “Wolves (Act I and II)” that’s about regret and the morning after, but is also about solace in the cruel world. Listen to it, and act accordingly.

[Listen here.]