Hive Five: Modern Stevie Nicks Disciples

Florence Welch in New York City, December 2010. Photo: Michael Loccisana/Getty Images

Stevie Nicks twirled back into the spotlight this week with In Your Dreams — her first album since 2001 — but her indie-rock revaluation has been underway for years. Like Bruce Springsteen with Gaslight Anthem or Paul Simon with Vampire Weekend, Nicks has inspired a new generation of artists. Amid this landslide of recent Stevie love, Hive compiled a list of her five best disciples.

1. Florence Welch, Florence and the Machine

Slightly gothy, extremely foxy and blessed with a big, emotive voice, Welch comes closer than anyone to capturing Nicks’ mystique. Check her out here, flouncing around in black showgirl-sorceress outfit:

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