Hive Five: Record Setting Musicians

[caption id="attachment_2510" align="aligncenter" width="630" caption="Photo courtesy of MTV."][/caption]

Today, Chiddy Bang's Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege (pictured), aims to set the Guinness World Record for longest rap freestyle, flowing off the dome for 9 straight, live-streamed hours as a lead up to the O Music Awards. In honor of his attempt, here's five other world records held by musicians.

1. Fastest Rap MC: Chojin (a.k.a. Domingo Edjang Moreno)

Nope, it's not Twista. In 2008, this Madrid, Spain-based MC blazed through 921 syllables in a single minute.

2. Longest Drumming Marathon (individual): Russ Prager

In 2009, Prager spent five straight days in March (120 hours) at the Sacramento, Calif. Guitar Center tearing up a drum set.

3. Fastest Harmonica Player: Nicky Shane

What do you do when you're a really fast harmonica player but no band to play with? You ask your boss for the day off of work and then play "When the Saints Go Marching In" in front of a Guinness judge, as Shane did in Santa Barbara, California in 2005.

4. Loudest Band Ever: KISS

Guinness stopped tracking the record for "loudest musical performance" because they didn't want to inadvertently encourage people to damage their hearing all for the sake of a title. Gene Simmons and Co., however, apparently like attention or something -- their 2009 appearance at the Ottawa Bluesfest broke 136 decibels, shredding the last documented Guinness record of 129.5 (held by Manowar, naturally).

5. Longest Album Title: Chumbawamba

Although it's not officially documented by Guinness, the honor of longest album title goes to Chumbawamba, who in 2008 released their 13th studio album, technically called The Boy Bands Have Won, and All the Copyists and the Tribute Bands and the TV Talent Show Producers Have Won, If We Allow Our Culture to Be Shaped by Mimicry, Whether from Lack of Ideas or From Exaggerated Respect. You Should Never Try to Freeze Culture. What You Can Do Is Recycle That Culture. Take Your Older Brother's Hand-Me-Down Jacket and Re-Style It, Re-Fashion It to the Point Where It Becomes Your Own. But Don't Just Regurgitate Creative History, or Hold Art and Music and Literature as Fixed, Untouchable and Kept Under Glass. The People Who Try to 'Guard' Any Particular Form of Music Are, Like the Copyists and Manufactured Bands, Doing It the Worst Disservice, Because the Only Thing That You Can Do to Music That Will Damage It Is Not Change It, Not Make It Your Own. Because Then It Dies, Then It's Over, Then It's Done, and the Boy Bands Have Won.