Five Nostalgic Predictions for Music Fans

[caption id="attachment_2200" align="aligncenter" width="630" caption="A Microsoft Zune, circa 2006. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images"][/caption]

Music is forever entrenched in nostalgia. Not relying at all on science, here's five kinds of nostalgia that will surely sweep the music landscape soon.

1. Indie Cred Nostalgia

Indie! Grammys and backlashes and ye olde “dee-eye-why.” Typing this, I just overheard someone reference “indie cred.” What's that mean? Probably nothing, as everything overlaps with everything else.

2. Talking With People About Music Nostalgia

We don't need to go eye-to-eye anymore, know how to carry a conversation, or, most importantly, wait in order to interact with fellow (mostly reviled) human beings. But are our musico-cultural recommendations and get-togethers that much easier to digest now that they're all quasi-extant strings of texts?

3. Your Music Is in Just One Place Nostalgia

Outlined nicely here, everyone is talking about “the cloud” and what Amazon, Google, and/or Apple are going to do to get you using one as soon as possible. Basically, the cloud is a hard drive that you can't touch or own or plug into your computer, but can access using the internets. Fun! Except when it crashes, as it did this week for 70 million Playstation Network users and anyone who already jumped on Amazon's new Cloud Drive. Simple tip: Keep your music on your record player and you can twist and shout right up to the moment of apocalypse.

4. Zune Nostalgia

We're taking a preemptive stance here, as it's almost inevitable since Microsoft killed them off, Zunes will have a niche resurgence in popularity, t-minus a year or two.

5. Reverb Nostalgia

Holy cow there is a lot of reverb around these days, huh? It sounds really nice sometimes, especially turned to about '3' on vocal harmonies with three or more people. But when every instrument and vocal chord of a lo-fi diary punk band's lineup is drenched and cranked to '11,' perhaps it's time to reassess.

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