Five Music Entities Worth Your Dedication

Music is everywhere! So what's worth obsessing over these days? Here's five music entities we swear are worth your daily digestion.

1. Alpha Pup

This L.A. record label has released forward-thinking hip-hop and experimental electronic music since 2004. And, if you like yours especially odd, they also play parent to the mega-weird cassette label Leaving Records. We suggest starting with AWOL One and Daddy Kev and/or Virtual Boy.

2. Domino Records

Follow them on Twitter, subscribe to their email list, obsessively refresh the home page, whatever. Do yourself a favor and give one song from every band they agree to work with a listen.

3. The Quietus

Yes, there may be a glut of URLs vying for your attention but if there's one that deserves that attention its UK music site the Quietus. The quickest introduction to the furthest depths of amazing.

4.  Dangerous Minds

You may recognize Dangerous Minds proprietor Richard Metzger as the host of the British television series Disinformation, a show that was dedicated to documenting beautiful weirdos and left-of-field geniuses of one order or another. Dangerous Minds is like that but internetized, and regularly features some amazing musical gems, such as the Gallery of Defaced LP Sleeves.

5. All Tomorrow's Parties

ATP specialize in throwing intimate mini-festivals in unlikely places (Minehead, England ... Asbury Park, New Jersey), and usually involving a guest curator to help select the artists who will perform. That's where it gets interesting: if Portishead (or Matt Groening or the Flaming Lips) personally selected them to play their festival, that band is probably worth a few minutes of your time. Peruse those lineups.