Hive Five: Things Earl Sweatshirt Is Doing

Last week, Complex Magazine got stalkery (or, if you prefer, “intrepid”) to the max, following the minuscule trail of crumbs left by Odd Future in their music and internettings, towards the whereabouts of one Earl Sweatshirt. Earl is generally considered to be OFWGKTA's most talented talker, something openly admitted by sorta-frontman Tyler, the Creator. The story goes that Earl's mom saw the video he and his friends made for “Earl,” and sent him ... somewhere. Boot camp, backpacking, carney school ... no one was quite sure until Complex ostensibly located him in Samoa, attending a “treatment program for at-risk teenage boys.” Now that that mystery is pretty much solved, we wonder: what else has he been up to?

1.  Making sickeningly beautiful outfits in Little Big Planet 2.

That rompy wholesomeness of Little Big Planet, pleased to meet the intricate disturbations of Earl Sweatshirt's mind.

2. Practicing stage diving.

A bookshelf and a bed is a good substitute for a speaker stack and a million hands, something Earl will probably know the touch of in due time ... if he comes back.

3. Writing cryptographic verses while eating Alpha-Bits cereal.

Assuming he's being kept a close eye on, the linguistically gifted Mr. Sweatshirt is hopefully using his breakfast time wisely to pen/construct new rhymes.

4. Prepping the Fall Lookbook for Supreme.

Look for the new line of antichrist green ski-masks, just in time for the cooler weather.

5. Researching the music business.

Considering how well they've navigated the mucky-muck of the music business thus far, the great hidden hope of OFWGKTA wouldn't seem the type to start his career without a full-proof plan of every single thing he'll do for the next 20 years.