Record Store Day's Best Bets

Record Store Day 2011 is upon us. To that end, we waded through the ever-expanding list of exclusive releases to give you our best bets for showing up early this Saturday.

Coolest Opportunity to Wear Your Record Store Nerd-dom on Your Sleeve: Panda Bear's Tomboy vinyl release that comes with a t-shirt.

How does one let people know just how much of your day-to-day life is dedicated to living the High Fidelity dream even before they set foot in your vinyl-only room? Why, with a limited edition t-shirt that comes with the limited-edition vinyl release of Panda Bear's new album Tomboy. Now everyone will know what you're packing back home without you having to say a word.

Best 7” from a Band Without a Full-Length Out Yet: Cults’ “Abducted” b/w “Go Outside (Remix)” 7” Exclusive.

The much-hyped New York City duo Cults offer up some new material for those anxious to get in on the ground floor.

Best Reissue: Nirvana’s Hormoaning EP

This is the gold standard as far as Nirvana rarities go. Its original 1992 release was limited to 15,000 copies in Australia, as well as a quickly-deleted, unauthorized Japanese edition.  Until now, it's never been released on U.S. shores. This gem features some of the band's best work like the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" B-side "Even in His Youth," and the band's cover of the Vaselines' "Molly's Lips." And with only 6,000 copies available nationwide, it'll probably be just as sought-after post-Record Store Day as it was prior to.

Best Chance to Be a Couple of Months Ahead of Your Friends: James Blake’s The Wilhelm Scream LP vinyl pre-release edition.

James Blake's debut has mounted a heaping of praise since its release, but only in those pesky digital forms. Record Store Day finds Blake releasing the vinyl edition before it receives its proper U.S. release.

Best Way to Get Punched By a Dude With a Scraggly Beard: Yanking away his copy of the Sovereign EP by Neurosis.

Only 600 copies of this long-out-of-print collaboration between the post-metal legends and Steve Albini are being released on Record Store Day. Used CD copies start at $40 on Amazon, so a chance to get a new vinyl edition makes this the highlight in the metal world.

Best Meeting of New and Old Technology: Gorillaz’s The Fall

Audiophiles adore their vinyl LPs because of the richness of the sound. Does that still hold true when the album displaying its rich sound was recorded on Damon Albarn’s iPad? Gorillaz think this back-tracking won’t be a big deal. They’re probably right.

Best Reason to Move to England: Radiohead’s “The Butcher / Supercollider” 7” single.

Radiohead are releasing a 7” single of two brand new songs on Record Store Day and no, you can't buy it in America. But remember: Record Store Day is never about buying things just to put up on eBay.