The Punk-Spazz Cheekiness of Coolrunnings

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Knoxville four-piece Coolrunnings are odd ducks. Their debt to the preceding years' grandiose swells of appropriative indie, while done very well, looms large. But these guys are operating at a level of punk-spazz cheekiness that's been sadly absent from our world for way too long. In fact, they stick out almost because of the palpable lack of fun that everyone seems to be having. They don't treat their songs like some tucked-away Tumblr account, desperate to connect to the outside world and issuing mopey self-portraits, feebly pretending their computer didn't take them. Which isn't to say they can't be tender, as they are on “Fort Kid” and “I Can Be Dreamy." It's just that they aren't so damn insufferable about it. But right now we're leaning towards the afro-lo-loop faux-jock jams of "Chorus" and "C.K.S.F.A.R."


01 Chorus.mp3 by DRACULA HORSE